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The French International School (EFI) is a private bilingual institution that will be opening its doors in September 2020.

EFI welcomes all pupils regardless of their level of French or English fluency. Our goal is to offer a competitive, high quality, bilingual school curriculum. Our environment, being ‘child-centered’, is focused on excellence with the implementation of dynamic, rigorous and innovative methods at each stage of the child's development.

With a focus on individuality and different needs, we will allow each and every student to develop to their full creative, academic and social potential in order to prepare them as future leaders and citizens of tomorrow who can face challenges and adapt to a constantly changing world.


Preschool and Kindergarten

EFI welcomes all children starting from 2 years old. In order to encourage the individual approach and quality, the number of pupils is limited to a maximum of 16 children per class. Our well-rounded family atmosphere is adapted to all their needs and allows us to accompany them in the search for independence, confidence and the joy of learning. 


At EFI our objective is to exceed the expectations of common knowledge, capabilities and culture. We will be incorporating various different philosophies and pedagogical methods that are internationally recognised for their effectiveness such as the Singapore Method for maths and Syllabic Method for reading. While remaining in line with French education policies, programmes and standards for all subjects, we will be using Cambridge International frameworks for the English language.

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